Applying seed treatment to pasture and forage seed is a very effective means of helping ensure seedlings establish successfully, thereby protecing an important and profitable on farm investment.

Seed treatments are highly targeted and apply only very small quantites of chemical active ingredients to the soil, reducing the impact on the environment and the need to handle chemicals on farm.


The first four to six weeks after sowing is a critical stage in the life of a new plant as seedlings emerge and develop their plant structures. Sowing treated seed is a simple and cost effective means of helping to ensure a brassica crop establishes successfully and that it reaches its genetic potential in terms of yield and quality.

The Ultrastrike and Superstrike brassica seed treatments are insecticide and fungicide based products providing broad spectrum protection against economically damaging insects and fungal diseases during the plant establishment period.

The seed treatments are highly targeted and apply only very small quantities of chemical active ingredients to the soil, reducing the impact on the environment and the need to handle chemicals on farm.

Ultrastrike and Superstrike Product Profiles

  Ultrastrike  Superstrike 
Insect Protection  Springtail  Springtail 
Wheat Bug (Nysius)   
Disease Protection  Fusarium  Fusarium 
Pythium  Pythium 
Rhizoctonia solani  Rhizoctonia solani 
Nutrients  Molybdenum  Molybdenum 
Sowing Rate  Same as per untreated seed  Same as per untreated seed 
Recommended Use  Winter crops  Summer Crops 
  Autumn sown crops  Winter crops, in areas where Springtail is the main insect threat during establishment 
Direct drilled crops 
*In situations conducive to high Nysius pressure, where a brassica crop is sown next to a lucerne paddock  or is established under hot, dry conditions, a foliar insecticide application may be necessary 2-3 weeks after sowing to enhance protection.


Seed treatment provides a cost effective means of protecting the investment in new pastures. By protecting seedlings against key insects and diseases, seed treatment products help maximise plant establishment and early plant development when young seedlings are most vulnerable to pest pressure. Seed treatment products can include insecticides, fungicides, nutrients and biological additives. Compared to broadacre applications, seed treatment delivers very small quantities of chemical active ingredients to the soil, therefore reducing the impact on the soil environment. The seed treatment business within PGG Wrightson Seeds has been operating for over 40 years with a proven history in product development. For more information on seed treatment and general precautions on dealing with treated seed, visit

The following table outlines key options available and their respective product information.

   Superstrike Grass Prillcote grass  Superstrike Clover#  Prillcote Clover#  Superstrike Lucerne 
Used in  Drill/Broadcast  Oversowing  Drill/Broadcast  Oversowing  Drill 
Pest Protection  Argentine Stem Weevil, Grass Grub, Black Beetle  Clover Root Nematode 
Disease Protection  Pythium, Fusarium  Pythium, Fusariium   -  -  Pythium
Inoculated with Rhizobia  Yes#  Yes#  Yes 
Nutrients Included  Lime  Molybdenum, Lime  Molybdenum, Lime  Molybdenum, Lime 
Sowing Rates Compared to Untreated Seed  Same* Increase by up to 100%  Same  Same  Same 
Withholding Period  6 weeks^  6 weeks  6 weeks 
 *For grass grub protection a minimum sowing rate of 15kg/ha is required.
# Continued presence of rhizobia after inoculation, and establishment of rhizobia in pasture, depends on many things and is not guaranteed.
^ For Superstrike treated grass seed undersown into an existing pasture sward, the livestocks withholding period is three weeks from sowing.



Superstrike Clover seed treatment includes:

  • A systemic nematicide – to protect seedlings from soil nematodes, widely regarded as New Zealand’s most costly pasture pest, affecting clover establishment and performance
  • Molybdenum – an essential trace element for clover establishment
  • Lime – provides localised pH correction around the seedling for improved clover root nodulation
  • Rhizobia – inoculated with nitrogen-fixing bacteria  
Note – continued presence of rhizobia after inoculation, and establishment of rhizobia in pasture, depends on many things and is not guaranteed.

Superstrike Clover can improve the performance of clover seedlings in all situations.



Superstrike grass includes insecticide and fungicide, formulated to improve the establishment and early plant growth of grass seedlings. Superstrike promotes fast and vigorous seedling growth with plants showing strong root and tiller development during establishment.

Superstrike grass seed treatment is recommended for all spring and autumn sown grass seed including ryegrass, fescue and cocksfoot where insects, pests and seedling diseases are likely to have a detrimental effect on plant establishment.

Superstrike seed treatment has an important role to play alongside novel endophytes such as AR1 and AR37 with the seed treatment ‘bridging the gap’ by protecting seedlings until the endophytes is fully functional within the host plant and also to provide insect protection over the long-term.


Superstrike Grass Seed Treatment Includes:

  • A systemic insecticide – to protect seedlings against Argentine Stem Weevil, Grass Grub and Black Beetle
  • A contact fungicide – effective against the “damping off” diseases (Pythium and Fusarium)
  • Bird repellent – reducing the likelihood of bird theft of seed


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