Cleancrop™ Brassica System


The Cleancrop™ Brassica System is a simple weed management system which eradicates a range of key problem weeds, commonly found in brassica crops, that take away moisture and nutrients from your crop. With competition down, yield goes up. Combining the power of broad-spectrum herbicide Telar® and plants bred to resist it, the Cleancrop™ Brassica System is the ideal way to maximise crop performance.


Telar® herbicide eliminates 23 hard to control weeds at the time of sowing, freeing up moisture and nutrients to give your crop the best chance of maximising performance and delivering superior returns on your seed investment.


Telar® herbicide controls the following weeds:

Apply Telar® at the pre-emerge stage within 48 hours of sowing. 


Calandrinia Fathen Scentless Chamomile  Vetch
Californian Thistle*  Hawksbeard  Scotch Thistle White Clover
Chickweed Nodding Thistle  Sheperd's Purse Wild Turnip*
Cornbind  Rayless Chamomile  Spurrey (Yarr) Willow Weed
Dandelions  Redroot Stinking Mayweed Yellow Gromwell  
Docks Scarlet Pimpernel Twin Cress    

*Apply Telar® post-emerge when Cleancrop™ brassicas are at the fourth true leaf stage. Do not apply after the 6-8 leaf stage. Consult your accredited Agent/Retailer to order your second Telar® spray.


Cleancrop™ brassica cultivars are unique, as plants have been bred to be resistant to Telar® herbicide for excellent weed control. 

Telar® cannot be used with conventional brassicas. 


Cleancrop™ Benefits

The Cleancrop™ Brassica System (seed + herbicide) package enables you to control your weeds at the time of sowing. 


CONTROL WEEDS within 48 hours of sowing*

LOW MOISTURE REQUIRED# to activate Telar® herbicide




*For weeds listed in table below that require Telar® applied as a foliar spray at post emergence, an application can be made when the crop is at the fourth-true leaf stage or later.

#When applied pre-emerge Telar® is taken up through the roots of weeds when conditions promote their growth. 

Image showing difference in yield between Cleancrop™ Bulb Turnip without Telar® applied (left) and with Telar® (right).

Difference in weed infestation between conventional kale crop (left) and Cleancrop™ Firefly kale.
Image showing difference in weed infestation between conventional kale crop (left) and Cleancrop™ Firefly kale (right).

Cleancrop™ Packages

All Cleancrop™ Brassica System cultivars are ordered on a per hectare basis and include 20 g/ha Telar®.

Leafty turnip 4 kg/ha
Rape 4 kg/ha
Bulb turnip (summer) 2 kg/ha
Bulb turnip (winter) 1 kg/ha
Toto turnip 2 kg/ha
Hawkestone swede 1 kg/ha
Hawkestone swede (Pelleted) 90,000 seeds/ha
Firefly kale 4 kg/ha

Note: The Cleancrop™ Brassica System is unique. PGG Wrightson Seeds sell it as a package, i.e. Seed + Chemical. One item cannot be purchased without the other. Agents/ Retailers have to be accredited to sell the Cleancrop™ Brassica System to ensure stewardship is maintained.

Grazing Withholding

The grazing withholding period following the use of Telar® for Cleancrop™ rape and leafy turnip is 28 days after application, and 42 days after Telar® application for Cleancrop™ bulb turnip, Toto turnip and Hawkestone swede.

For more information and/or to place an order, talk to your local accredited seed retailer. 

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