tetraploid italian ryegrass

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Lush tetraploid Italian ryegrass
  • Ideal for undersowing, part of a pasture mix or sown as a pure sward
  • Quick out of the ground – fast time to first grazing
  • One of the highest yielding New Zealand bred Italian tetraploids ever seen
  • Exceptional summer yield and quality (reduced aftermath heading)
  • Strong second year production – better than traditional Italians, offering luscious feed for longer
  • Exceptional rust tolerance for better dry matter yields and consumption by stock
Farm Type
  • Sowing Rate 22 kg/ha
  • Heading Date Late - 17 days later than Nui
  • Tetraploid/Diploid Tetraploid
Lush tetraploid Italian ryegrass provides exceptional summer yield and quality (reduced aftermath heading). Lush has strong second year production, better than traditional Italians, growing luscious feed for longer. Lush has exceptional rust tolerance for better consumptionby stock. Rarely has an Italian tetraploid ryegrass shown such superb summer feedquality, high yield potential and persistence.


Lush tetraploid Italian ryegrass comes with AR37 endophyte. AR37 endophyte has been shown to provide superior pest protection from Argentine Stem Weevil, Pasture Mealy Bug, Black Beetle, Root Aphid and Porina in both diploid and tetraploid long rotation and perennial ryegrasses. Lush AR37 showed greater persistency than Feast II in PGG Wrightson Seeds’ trials in both Canterbury and Waikato.


Dry Matter Production

Year One:
Entry Establishment  Winter  Spring  Late Spring  Summer  Autumn  Total 
Lush AR37  102  103  95  99  118  133  106 
Feast II  100  100  100  100  100  100  100 
Year Two:
Entry Winter  Spring  Late Spring  Summer  Autumn  Total 
Lush AR37    105  97  106  146  163  114 
Feast II    100  100  100  100  100  100 
Data are the mean from six completed trials sown in Waikato (3) and Canterbury (3). Completed trials ran for two years. Data was analysed using Genstat.

Sowing & Establishment

Lush AR37 is perfect for undersowing into dairy pastures and intensive sheep or beef systems or as part of a pasture mix. For undersowing Lush AR37 should be sown at a minimum of 14 kg/ha using Superstrike treated seed.
  • Soil Fertility High (Olsen P 18+)
  • Pasture Life 6 mths - 2 years

Aftermath heading

Lush - summer quality. Less aftermath heading means Lush with AR37 provides stock with exceptional quality summer feed. 
  • Grazing Method Rotational Grazed – Short Term

Animal INformation

It should be noted that Lush with AR37 may cause ryegrass staggers.
Lush Italian Ryegrass
"Lush AR37 was extremely competitive with barley and made a significant contribution to the silage yield of about 9 t DM/ha taken in late January. Subsequent to the silage being taken, the Lush AR37 has lived up to the hype so far, in terms of both yield and quality."
kris, emily and daughter hannah donovan, otago

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