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Cleancrop™ Brassica System 

Cleancrop™ is your all-in-one crop and weed management package.

How’s it work? Just plant the herbicide resistant Cleancrop™ seeds and then spray Telar® herbicide within 48 hours to control 23 problem weeds taking root, leaving all the goodness in the soil for your crop to thrive on. With reduced competition from weeds, crop yield and your return on investment goes up.

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Pallaton Raphno®

In a world where farming grows ever more challenging, Pallaton Raphno® has been purpose-bred to thrive.  

Developed by PGG Wrightson Seeds under the Forage Innovations joint venture with Plant and Food Research, Pallaton Raphno® (a hybrid between kale and radish) has been bred to perform in increasingly challenging environments.

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At PGG Wrightson Seeds our objective is to enhance the profitability of farmers by providing them with proprietary grass and forage seed that provide high quality feed for improved animal performance and production.

We have been helping farmers for over 160 years and our focus on research and development has been key to our success; we invest well in excess of $15 million per annum into our forage and endophyte programmes.

Proud to be a platinum supporter of Meat the Need

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