Clutha Gold 

Yellow-Fleshed Swede

  • Very high yielding main crop swede
  • New Zealand bred and evaluated
  • Yellow fleshed bulb with medium maturity
  • Clubroot and dryrot tolerant
  • Excellent winter keeping qualities
Farm Type
  • Sowing Rate 1.5 kg/ha
  • Days to Grazing From 170 to 250
  • Growing Seasons Spring, Summer
  • Grazing Seasons Autumn, Winter
  • Potential Yield 18,000 kgDM/ha
  • Utilisation 80%

Clutha Gold is the latest swede bred from the Forage Innovations plant breeding joint venture between Plant and Food Research and PGG Wrightson Seeds and has been developed to supersede Aparmia Gold swede. Clutha Gold has a significant yield advantage over Aparima Gold while maintaining its clubroot and dryrot disease tolerances.

Clutha Gold was bred in Gore, Southland by the combined PGG Wrightson Seeds and Plant and Food Research plant breeding team. Clutha Gold was bred to meet a clear need in the New Zealand swede market for a Aparima Gold replacement which had a high forage yield, yellow fleshed, mid bulb maturity with good dry rot, powdery mildew and clubroot tolerance. Clutha Gold meet all these breeding objectives and offers the New Zealand farmer a swede with a significantly higher yield than Aparima Gold and improved disease tolerance to a range of bulb and leaf diseases, combined with a yellow fleshed, mid maturity bulb. We see great potential for Clutha Gold swede and look forward to seeing it perform on New Zealand farms.

Andy Dumbleton
Product Development Manager, PGG Wrightson Seeds

Grazing Management

  • Number of Grazings 1

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