Italian Ryegrass

  • Robust diploid Italian ryegrass
  • Super-fast establishment
  • Excellent late spring/early summer production
  • High yields of quality feed
Farm Type
  • Sowing Rate 18 kg/ha
  • Heading Date Late - 20 days later than Nui
  • Tetraploid/Diploid Diploid

Supercruise is a new diploid Italian ryegrass for the New Zealand market. Displaying all the required attributes of a high quality diploid Italian ryegrass Supercruise has the endurance to go the distance. If you are looking for a cost effective short term pasture or a reliable option for undersowing into worn out perennial pastures Supercruise is the grass for you.

Dry Matter Production 

Entry Establishment  Winter  Spring  Late Spring  Summer  Autumn  Total 
Supercruise  118  120  113  121  129  214  116 
Cordura  100  100  100  100  100  100  100 
Data are a mean offour completed trials located at Lincoln, Canterbury (2) and Ruakura, Waikato (2). Trials sown between 2012 and 2014.

Sowing & Establishment

Supercruise Italian ryegrass may be used as a specialist feed sown at a minimum of 18 kg/ha or undersown into existing pasture at a minimum of 10-15 kg/ha with Superstrike treated seed to improve establishment.

  • Pasture Life 6 mths - 2 years

Grazing Management

Supercruise Italian ryegrass is best suited to rotational grazing. For best persistence, avoid hard grazing over summer.

  • Grazing Method Rotational Grazed – Short Term
Daniel Nichol Supercruise

Daniel has used Supercruise as a 'forage crop' to provide bulk-quality feed on the main station and run-off block on the Taieri. As a crop it is allowing 12-24 months feed while allowing the opportunity to clean up weed issues for lucerne and permanent pasture. The run-off block is primarily for finishing cattle/silage and the Supercruise on the station is for all stock. 

daniel nichol, otago

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