• High yielding variety with improved winter activity over Tekapo
  • Suitable for set-stocking and hard rotational grazing by sheep
  • Highly persistent
  • Excellent Drechslera tolerance observed in New Zealand trials 
  • Upright growth habit
  • Excellent drought tolerance 
Farm Type
  • Sowing Rate 8 kg/ha

Aurus is an upright winter active cocksfoot with a parentage that combines Uruguayan and French genetics. This combination offers both strong winter growth and overall total yield. Breeders and agronomists have selected Aurus for a later heading date (+6 days later than Tekapo) with strong disease resistance. 

Sowing & Establishment

Aurus cocksfoot should be sown in early autumn or spring at a range of 5-8 kg/ha with Superstrike treated clover or added to a perennial pasture mix at 2-3 kg/ha. White clovers such as Hilltop (small-medium leaf) or Quartz (medium leaf) should be sown with Aurus cocksfoot. Aurus cocksfoot is best suited to low to medium fertility soils. 

Grazing Management

Due to its slower establishment, early grazings of Aurus cocksfoot and ryegrass mixes should be frequent and light, using large mobs to reduce competition from the ryegrass. For best results with Aurus cocksfoot, maintain the pasture in a short and leafy state. 

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