Tahora II 

  • Dense stolon structure gives excellent persistence
  • Fast recovery after grazing with more growing points
  • Competes well in mixed swards
  • Ideal for oversowing
  • Easy care can tolerate lower fertility
  • Ideal for set-stocking regimes, can be grazed hard


Grasslands Tahora II small-medium leaf white clover has better drought tolerance than many other clover cultivars and has a finely branched fibrous root system. While initially bred for moist hill country, Grasslands Tahora II has adapted to a wide range of conditions where its excellent hard wearing characteristics have made it a valuable addition to pasture mixes.

Sowing & Establishment

Grasslands Tahora II small-medium leaf white clover can be established at 4-6 kg/ha, following normal pasture establishment procedures. Because of its characteristics, Grasslands Tahora II is ideal for oversowing. The use of Superstrike clover seed treatment is recommended and this will improve initial establishment.


Grazing Management

Management of the pasture will depend mainly on the other species included in the mix with Grasslands Tahora II small-medium leaf white clover. This clover has the ability to persist under many situations, and is ideally suited to set-stocking management.


Wayne nichol

“Tahora II has been bred to overcome a number of factors which impact on clover production and persistence in the pasture sward, such as intensive grazing, poor fertility, insect pressure, drought and poor competitiveness against other pasture species such as grass.”

Wayne nichol, Extension agronomist and nutritionist, pgg wrightson seeds

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