Kopu II 

Large leaf white clover

  • High tolerance to clover root weevil
  • High stolon density
  • Exceptional dry matter yields
  • Suited to rotational cattle grazing
  • High feed quality improved sugar (water soluble carbohydrate) levels


Grasslands Kopu II is a large leaf, high yielding white clover that recovers rapidly after grazing and is ideally suited to higher fertility rotational grazing farms. Improved sugar (water soluble carbohydrate) levels ensure a high quality of feed.

Sowing & Establishment

Grasslands Kopu II large leaf white clover can be sown in autumn or spring at 4-6 kg/ha and is best sown with erect growing species, such as ryegrass and tall fescue. The use of Superstrike clover seed treatment will improve seedling establishment. For best performance, Grasslands Kopu II large leaf white clover should be lightly grazed frequently during the establishment phase.

Grazing Management

Due to its erect growth habit, Grasslands Kopu II large leaf white clover is ideally suited for rotational cattle grazing systems.


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