Pasja II 


  • Higher yields from successive grazings (potential yield of 12000 kgDM/ha over multiple grazings)
  • Reduced bolting
  • Fast-establishing, high-quality feed ready for grazing within 42-70 days of sowing
  • Excellent plant persistence after multiple grazings
  • Provides a flexible grazing option for all stock classes over summer and autumn
  • Minimal ripening required
Farm Type
  • Sowing Rate 4 kg/ha
  • Days to Grazing From 42 to 70
  • Growing Seasons Spring, Summer
  • Grazing Seasons Summer, Autumn
  • Potential Yield 12,000 kgDM/ha
  • Utilisation 75%

Dry matter production

Number of Bolting Plants Per Plot (9m2) Over Time

Cultivar Bolters per Plot Bolters per Plot
  (16 January 2007) (6 March 2007)
Pasja II 0 0
Pasja 17 64

Bolting describes the number of yellow flowers each cultivar develops over time, the lower the number the better, as a high number of bolters adversely affects the plant production and regrowth potential.

Grazing Management

Pasja Forage cows
  • Number of Grazings 3+

Kieran Young

“Pasja II certainly did its job with lambs being finished at a heavier than normal weight. The results were exceptional with a yield of 3200 kgDM/ha at first grazing.”

Kieran young, Hastings, hawkes bay

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