Cleancrop™ Leafy Turnip 

  • 25% greater yield than Pasja II
  • Multi-graze Pasja type with reduced bolting
  • Fast-establishing; minimal ripening required
  • Multi-graze Pasja type with reduced bolting
  • High quality feed
  • Lowest clover plant back
  • Smooth leaf, bred for palatability
  • Tested through animal feed trials
  • Excellent plant persistence after multiple grazings (moisture dependent)
  • A flexible grazing option for all stock classes over summer and autumn
  • Short 3-month pasture plant back time
Farm Type
  • Sowing Rate 4 kg/ha
  • Days to Grazing From 42 to 70
  • Growing Seasons Spring, Summer
  • Grazing Seasons Summer, Autumn
  • Potential Yield 12,000 kgDM/ha
  • Utilisation 75%


Maximising yield dilutes fixed costs (e.g. drilling, fertiliser, crop protection etc.). Growing a cultivar that maximises yield in a short time frame, such as Cleancrop™ leafy turnip, is a great way to reduce the cost per kilogram of dry matter (kg/DM).

Plus, by eradicating key problem weeds that take away moisture and nutrients from the crop, plants have what they need to grow like gangbusters.

Cleancrop™ leafy turnip is also bred with a smooth leaf that animals find palatable, offering good crop utilisation (75%) and is resilient enough to offer multiple grazings.


Figure on right: 3 trials: Kimihia (2013, 2014, 2015). In these trials conventional herbicides were used on both Cleancrop™ leafy turnip and Pasja II. Telar® was not applied. Where Telar® was used for Cleancrop™ leafy turnip and no herbicide applied to Pasja II we would expect higher yields for Cleancrop™ leafy turnip.


Leafy turnip is part of the Cleancrop™ Brassica System, a simple weed management solution that combines the power of broad-spectrum herbicide Telar® and plants bred to tolerate it.

  • Control weeds within 48 hours of sowing*
  • No moisture required# to activate Telar® herbicide
  • No soil incorporation required
  • Adaptable to method of sowing
  • Telar® cannot be used on regular brassicas

*For the weeds controlled by Telar that require Telar applied as a foliar spray at post-emergence, an application can be made when the crop is at fourth-true leaf stage or later. 

#When applied pre-emerge Telar is taken up through the roots of weeds when conditions promote their growth. 



Craig and Tracy jane Tapanui Leaf Turnip HT

Using a simple-to-manage finishing system based predominantly on Cleancrop leafy turnip over summer, this year we traded and finished 65000 lambs

Craig & Tracy Jane, Tapanui

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