Innovating For You

Our objective is to enhance the profitability of farmers and growers by providing them with proprietary grass and forage seeds that provide high quality feed for improved animal performance. For this we have a large focus on research and development alongside innovation.

Research and development

At PGG Wrightson Seeds research and development are key to our success; we invest well in excess of $10 million per annum into our forage and endophyte programmes. We have relationships with two primary research partners - AgResearch and Plant and Food Research.

Development of novel endophytes for ryegrass and tall fescue, in conjunction with AgResearch, has been a major technological breakthrough for the pastoral industry and has led to improved insect control delivering agronomic performance and ryegrass persistence.

Why PGG Wrightson Seeds?

  • We have access to world leading research and development
  • Animal grazing trials are incorporated into plant breeding
  • We have a strong focus on endophyte technology
  • Staff are practical, focusing on increasing your meat, milk or wool production
  • We have been helping New Zealand farmers achieve their goals for over 150 years
  • We deliver market leading technologies (for example AR37 endophyte and the Cleancrop™ Brassica System)


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