have you heard? the clock is ticking to plant winter crops.

 But there is still time with Cleancrop rape!

  • High yielding multi-graze forage rape with very good leaf percentage and crop utilisation
  • Multi-purpose forage rape with excellent summer/autumn/early winter feed
  • Good regrowth potential with excellent winter keeping ability 


Sowing Rate: 4 kg/ha 
Days to Grazing: From 90 to 110

The photo here is of an aerial spray job for a paddock of Cleancrop brassica seedlings. A small spray miss on the fence line shows the spectrum of weeds that the Cleancrop chemical telar has controlled. Weeds present in this paddock, including spurrey (yarr) and stinking mayweed, are incredibly competitive to a germinating brassica crop such as this, Sometimes when we control weeds at the pre-emerge stage, we don't really know what we've controlled unless we have a spray miss like this!

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